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Image of March 2023 Special - Is Life Worth Living? by March 2023 Special - Is Life Worth Living?
March 2023 Special - Is Life Worth Living? (SKU: SO-0323)
18 MP3 messages on a CD plus the book "Is Life Worth Living?"

All is Vanity
Living for Your Job
A Time for Everything
A Time for Judgment  
The Tragedies of Life
The Importance of Friendship
What Happened to Integrity?
The Problem with Wealth
Evil Under the Sun
The Value of Wisdom
The Search for Wisdom
The Problem of Authority
How to Enjoy What You Do
One Event for All
Wisdom is Better
The Characteristics of a Fool
What We Do Not Know
What We Have Learned

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Image of Proverbs for Today by Proverbs for Today
Proverbs for Today (SKU: BK1006)
Printed Copy
Image of Are You Wise or Foolish? by Are You Wise or Foolish?
Are You Wise or Foolish? (SKU: SB023)
The loving heart of God appeals to all the foolish ones to become wise in heart and follow what He says in His Word.
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Printed Copy
Image of Is Life Just Emptiness? by Is Life Just Emptiness?
Is Life Just Emptiness? (SKU: SB022)
Friend, have you also found that your wild pursuit of happiness has been fruitless?  Isn't it time to stop running?  You can live the remainder of your life in this vain foot race, or you can stop and acknowledge that it is only in a right relationship with God that you will find that elusive thing called happiness. Stop and bask in the love of that relentless pursuer, Jesus Christ.
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Image of Is Life Worth Living? by Is Life Worth Living?
Is Life Worth Living? (SKU: BK1029)
Solomon was the third king under the united monarchy of ancient Israel. He is called the wisest and wealthiest king among all of Israel's kings and leaders. He was noted for building the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. that eventually was destroyed by Babylon in 586 b.c. Solomon •lays before us in this message of Ecclesiastes the answer to one of the most important questions we could ask: "IS LIFE WORTH LIVING?" If you leave a' personal relationship with the God Who made you out of the answer, then the answer is clearly "NO"! It is not worth the struggle which inevitably comes to all of us. But, if you see all of life as God intended, and you are rightly related to Him, then the answer is a strong "YES"!
Image of Life's Greatest Questions by Life's Greatest Questions
Life's Greatest Questions (SKU: BK1011)
All of us have perplexing questions about the meaning and purpose of life. Who am I? Where did I come from? What is the meaning of my life and how can I know that with certainty? John, a successful businessman, married, with two children thought of himself as a higher form of animal life produced by evolution. His marriage and family disintegrated when, consistent with his beliefs, he had a series of affairs. Mary is a bright, energetic woman, but she thought of herself as a worm, a loathsome sore on the face of humanity. Life was painful for her, and the only relief she found came from obsessive shopping and other forms of escapism. Both found answers through a clear understanding of what God says in the pages of the Bible.

In LIFE'S GREATEST QUESTIONS David Hocking offers biblical answers to questions like, "Where do I - come from? When did it all begin? What went wrong? Am I good, bad, or both? Is my life sacred? Is there hope?" If you're looking for answers to such questions - this is it. Journey with David Hocking as he takes a fresh look at the power and hope found in the Bible's truth.
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