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Image of September 2019 Special -What does the Bible Say by September 2019 Special -What does the Bible Say
September 2019 Special -What does the Bible Say (SKU: SO-0919)
The Bible is the living Word of God. It speaks on many topics and we should learn what it has to say. This month David has prepared a special bundle with messages on some key topics.

BIBLICAL HEALING with Sermon Notes – PDF File
Healing in the Old Testament
The Healing Ministry of Jesus
Is Healing for Today?
The Purposes of Healing

BIBLICAL GIVING with Sermon Notes – PDF File
Are We Willing to Give?
How Much Should We Give?
Where Will We Get the Money
Why Should We Give?

The Joy of God’s Forgiveness
The Joy of Heaven
The Battle’s Not Yours, But God’s
What is Repentance?
The Faithfulness of God
The God of the Second Chance
What’s Wrong Judging Others?
A Man Called Peter

What is Separation?
From Whom Do We Separate?
Christian Taboos
That's Entertainment?.

JOY OF WORSHIP with Sermon Notes – PDF File
Why Worship?
Stained Windows, Candles, & Robes
What Music Honors God?
Raising Hands, Clapping, Saying "Amen"
Symbols of Worship
The Fragrance of Worship

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Image of Whatever Happened to Repentance? by Whatever Happened to Repentance?
Whatever Happened to Repentance? (SKU: BK1061)
Printed Copy
Image of What is Worship? by What is Worship?
What is Worship? (SKU: BK1060)
Printed Copy
Image of What the BIble Says About Healing by What the BIble Says About Healing
What the BIble Says About Healing (SKU: BK1017)
In past years, God's people have "taken sides" on the Bible's teaching about healing, but here we have a biblical search for all the teaching of the Bible concerning healing. David Hocking looks objectively at what Scripture has to say on the subject as well as the implications for those who are healed ... or not healed, as the case may be. He leads us through a review of healing in the Old Testament, the healings that Jesus did, the healings performed by the Apostles and healing throughout Church history. He directs our attention to the things of which we can be sure (both the power of God and His purposes for healing) and those things which we can exclude knowing that God's power to heal is not limited by our faith or our prayers. God heals whom He will under widely varying circumstances. Meanwhile, David reminds us that all earthly healing are temporary - the ultimate healing comes when our bodies are transformed to be like Christ's resurrection body. In that day, sin and suffering, sickness and pain will be no more - we will be like Him! Praise the Lord!
Printed Copy
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