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Image of July 2019 Special - Wherein is Your Hope? by July 2019 Special - Wherein is Your Hope?
July 2019 Special - Wherein is Your Hope? (SKU: SO-0719)
When Will Jesus Come Again?
Religious Apostasy
What is the Great Tribulation?
Will We Go Thru the Tribulation?
Who is the Antichrist?
What About Russia?
Is the U. S. in Prophecy?
The Battle of Armageddon
What is the Millennium?
Judgment and Resurrection

Jesus is Coming
Home With the Lord
Brand New Bodies
Wonderful Rewards
The Kingdom on Earth!
The New Jerusalem

The Hope of the Rapture
How to Be Ready for the Rapture
How to Escape God’s Judgment
Hope in a Hopeless World
When Will the Rapture Take Place?
Perilous Times Shall Come Spirit
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Image of Prepare to Meet Thy God: Studies in Amos by Prepare to Meet Thy God: Studies in Amos
Prepare to Meet Thy God: Studies in Amos (SKU: BK1063)
Amos was not a prophet, but took care of sheep and gathered sycamore fruit. Nevertheless the LORD called him to be a mighty voice against the people of Israel. They were filled with wickedness and idolatry and immorality. Amos came with warnings from God that are greatly needed in our world today.

The title of the book comes from Amos 4:12. It is a message that our world desperately needs to head and heed. It is our prayer that the powerful words of this book will challenge all of us to get right with the LORD and repent of our sins and disobedience to Him. As with other books among the TWELVE known as "Minor Prophets" - referring to their size not the strength of their messages - the phrase "THE LORD OF HOSTS" is prominent. It is a reference to the Messiah of Israel, our coming KING of kings and LORD of lords!

May your heart be stirred to get right with God and commit your life and future to be used by the LORD GOD of Israel!
Image of Does the Bible Teach the Rapture? by Does the Bible Teach the Rapture?
Does the Bible Teach the Rapture? (SKU: BK1053)
Based on historical arguments we search Biblical references to try and clear up this issue. The question still remains, Are you ready?
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Image of The Book of Revelation by The Book of Revelation
The Book of Revelation (SKU: BK1007)
The future is unknown without Biblical understanding. The Book of Revelation lays it out in some detail, and what is given to us is awesome indeed! It is "Judgment Day" if there ever was one (and there certainly is!)

The Book of Revelation is divided in three parts:

The Lord of The Churches
(Revelation 2-5)

The Lion Over The Nations
(Revelation 6-20)

The Lamb Among The Redeemed
(Revelation 21-22)

The future facts of this Book are all related to the unveiling of the glory and majesty of the Messiah as well as describing in detail the wrath and judgment of Almighty God upon planet Earth!
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