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Image of July 2022 Special - The Ten Commandments by July 2022 Special - The Ten Commandments
July 2022 Special - The Ten Commandments (SKU: SO-0722)
Special Includes

Why Ten Commandments?  
Divine Authority 1st – 4th Commandment
Family Loyalty 5th Commandment
Human Dignity 6th Commandment
Marital Fidelity 7th Commandment
Private Property 8th Commandment
Personal Integrity 9th Commandment
Moral Purity 10th Commandment
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Image of The Ten Commandments - The Moral Code of God by The Ten Commandments - The Moral Code of God
The Ten Commandments - The Moral Code of God (SKU: BK1082)
Today's culture has drifted far from the morality which GOD has given to us. It seems that some kind of "freedom" dominates what people believe is right for them, and they have no desire to change or consider that the God of the Bible has already given us a moral guideline for what is right and what is wrong.

It is time for us to return to the God of the Bible, and commit ourselves to what He has determined already to be the moral code we should follow. Our families are in a desperate need of moral guidelines, and our families will fall further into moral defeat and disaster.

These moral guidelines were honored and placed into view in our governmental places in Washington DC and our forefathers dedicated themselves to their observance and practice.

The main reason for their observance and honor is that they originated and were given by God Himself. May all of us profit by this brief study, and may these standards once again control what we believe and practice. To God be all the glory!
Image of The Ten Commandaments by The Ten Commandaments
The Ten Commandaments (SKU: SN-DS14)
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Image of Whatever Happened to Morality by Whatever Happened to Morality
Whatever Happened to Morality (SKU: BK1041)
David new book deals with a multitude of moral issues and questions that are confronting our culture and desperately needed biblical answers! This is one of the most important books David has written.
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