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Image of Babylon - Its History and Prophecies by Babylon - Its History and Prophecies
Babylon - Its History and Prophecies (SKU: BK1047)
Babylon - mentioned 286 times in the Bible including its origin and early beginning in the Mesopotamian Valley. The first ruler was named Nimrod, and according to a multitude of legends, his wife's name was Semiramis - known as the "Queen of Heaven". Her story is a remarkable insight into what paganism is all about, and her idolatry and immorality were well known in ancient history.

The religion of Babylonianism has penetrated all nations of the earth according to the Bible, and this religious system has seduced and deceived the entire world for over 4000 years. It is primarily a religious belief and practice that has affected past empires, and most of the kings who have ruled this planet.

In Revelation 17-18 we have fascinating details about Babylonianism, its mystery and its fall. The Book of Revelation pictures a prostitute sitting upon a seven-headed beast with ten horns on its 7th head. The Antichrist will apparently arise out of a future confederacy that will divide the world into ten divisions.

The Babylonian religious system will culminate in its diabolical seduction of all nations and will challenge the heart and soul of Christian belief and practice. This book is a serious study that warns us all!
Image of Biblical Counseling by Biblical Counseling
Biblical Counseling (SKU: BK1058)
There are a multitude of counselors in North America today, both secular and religious. But the problem remains the same -very little Biblical counseling takes place. It seems that many professionals have great questions about any reference to the teaching of the Bible about the moral issues of our day. The culture appears to have removed any reference to the Bible concerning morality, and even manifests a disregard or total rejection of anything the Bible might say. It is quite obvious by articles and television programming that the counseling of today is more interested and obsessed with psychology and psychiatry than with Biblical truth. The sad truth is that many churches have decided that the counseling they should provide is based more on secular theories and personal opinions than on the clear statements of the Bible.

It is time for a major change in our thinking. It is time to return to the greatest source of counseling the world has ever seen or heard - that which comes from the clear and powerful explanations of Biblical truth. This book is intended to bring back the Bible into our minds and hearts, and realize that what God says in His Word is far more realistic, applicable, and life-changing as to the moral issues we are facing today. May God give us all wisdom and understanding!
Image of Biblical Truth in Difficult Times by Biblical Truth in Difficult Times
Biblical Truth in Difficult Times (SKU: BK1083)
The need for Biblical truth has never been greater than it is at this time! There are many counselling ministries and services that are available to people today, but very little is given that is based on the morality and teachings of the Bible itself.

It is our opinion that Biblical usage and understanding of the need of counseling needs to be taught in every church, and that the motto of these ministries ought to be "the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible."

This volume is filled with answers of the Bible to issues of morality that are facing our culture. How we need the wisdom and understanding of the LORD Himself!
Printed Copy
Image of Christ in You The Hope of Glory - Study in Colossians by Christ in You The Hope of Glory - Study in Colossians
Christ in You The Hope of Glory - Study in Colossians (SKU: BK1046)
Colossians is one of the smaller letters of the Apostle Paul, but powerful in its teaching especially about the true identity of the Messiah of Israel, our blessed Lord Yeshua. Most books on Colossians mention in brief the heresy known as "Gnosticism." Most scholars believe that it was a factor in Paul's teaching, but few books give any details about what "Gnostics" actually believe. We have taken the time to reveal those details that we all might have a greater understanding of its influence even in the present day.

The admonitions of the Apostle in this epistle are truly outstanding and so beneficial to the life and walk of believers today. Paul never visited the city as far as we know, but his relationship with Epaphras helped him greatly in exhorting them and helping them to deal with life and culture in the first century AD.

Colossians is one of the letters known as the "Prison Epistles" and included Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. They were all written during Paul's first imprisonment in Rome from which he was released.

The teaching of this little four-chapter book can change a person's life - may it be true of all of us who read it.
Image of Comfort My People by Comfort My People
Comfort My People (SKU: BK1034)
The Book of Isaiah is a masterpiece among the Hebrew prophets! It is filled with many Messianic prophecies and brings hope and comfort to God's people in troubling times. This volume contains the original study notes of Dr. David Hocking and provides the student of Biblical prophecy a great resource for understanding God's plan for Israel and the future. Isaiah is divided naturally into two sections: The first 39 chapters is a challenge to God's people about impending judgment; the last 27 chapters contain a powerful message of hope and comfort for the people of God.
Image of Daniel by Daniel
Daniel (SKU: BK1005)
THE BOOK OF DANIEL is quoted often in the New Testament Book of Revelation. In many ways, the two books need to be read and studied together. Daniel lived at an important time of ancient history and his story is critical to our understanding of what is happening today. His visions speak powerfully of the end times, and his writing continues to exalt the "Most High God." The accuracy and reliability of his remarks concerning future events have caused many to question his authorship of this book. However we have complete confidence that he not only wrote the book, but that God used him powerfully to bring His message to His people about what is about to happen in our time.
Image of Ezekiel - Visions of God and the Future of Israel by Ezekiel - Visions of God and the Future of Israel
Ezekiel - Visions of God and the Future of Israel (SKU: BK1048)
Over 2500 years ago, a young priest was given special and unique "VISIONS OF GOD" about the future of the Nation of Israel and its Land.  

His name means "strength of God" and his prophetic insights are still remarkable today as they relate to the  future existence of ISRAEL.  He speaks about future events that have never been fulfilled even to this day.

This priest/prophet predicted the future resurrection of the Nation of Israel, the restoration of its Land, its agricultural development, and many other details.  He also predicted a future attack by certain nations of the world, and a supernatural intervention by God Himself.  He also prophesies that a TEMPLE will be built in the future by the Messiah Himself Who will establish His everlasting kingdom on earth.
Image of Faith and Works the Need of Wisdom - Studies in James by Faith and Works the Need of Wisdom - Studies in James
Faith and Works the Need of Wisdom - Studies in James (SKU: BK1080)
The author of this epistle (letter) is James, also called James the Just, who is thought to be the brother of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) He was not a believer until after the resurrection of our Lord.  He was the Head of the Jerusalem Church and is mentioned first as a pillar of the church in Galatians 2:9.

It is possible that this is the oldest book of the New Testament, written as early as 45 AD. James was martyred (according to Flavius Josephus) in 62 AD.

The Book of James is directed to Jewish Messianic believers who were scattered among all the nations.  Martin Luther, who called this letter "the epistle of straw", failed to recognize that James"s teaching on works complemented - not contradicted - Paul"s teaching on faith.  James emphasizes that good actions will naturally flow from those who are filled with the Spirit.  His emphasis on wisdom is a classic, and helps us all to walk by faith and not by sight.
Image of Good Marriages Take Time by Good Marriages Take Time
Good Marriages Take Time (SKU: BK1001)
After many counseling sessions and years of observation and personal experience, I've come to the conclusion that "GOOD MARRIAGES DON'T JUST HAPPEN!" It takes time and patience. You have to work at it. It doesn't come automatically. Most couples who get into marital difficulties have taken each other for granted. They have assumed that everything will work out all right in time. But, all too often, things don't work out, and before you know it, divorce becomes the only option.
Most of the questions that people ask about marriage fall into five major categories:
2. SEX
Image of Hope In Difficult Times by Hope In Difficult Times
Hope In Difficult Times (SKU: BK1037)
The world seems so hopeless at times. Life is filled with many hurts, disappointments, struggles, and what seem to be, impossible situations! The word "hope" seems so fragile. It appears to be vulnerable to attack, never quite able to get "on its feet" due to the death of expectations, and the many hurts which life brings to most of us at one time or another.
But the word is attractive! Its very mention can motivate us to take another step, to try again. It helps us to cope with the pain of the moment, always looking to the future, and a better time. It is optimistic in a very pessimistic world. It looks for ways to help, to resolve conflict, and to heal. It suggests that things do not need to remain as they are. It is a word that anticipates change ... for the better!
Image of Hosea: Prophet of Mercy by Hosea: Prophet of Mercy
Hosea: Prophet of Mercy (SKU: BK1040)
Hosea centers its attention upon the need to “Return to the Lord”! It is a fascination story of repentance, forgiveness, and restoration of the Nation of Israel. There are severe warnings in the book about what Israel faces in the prophetic future.
Because of the mercy of God there is hope.
Image of ISRAEL, Chosen by GOD by ISRAEL, Chosen by GOD
ISRAEL, Chosen by GOD (SKU: BK1042)
New Edition!
No nation or people in human history have experienced what Israel has. Born and begun by a direct revelation from God; destroyed and scattered by military invasions; persecuted, hated, and murdered for no other reason than being what they are - the people of God! Some call it a "modern miracle" - Israel arises out of the dust and takes its place among the nations of the world once again, only to discover that the hatred and hostilities of the past have never gone away, and its right to exist questioned once more.

Israel faces today an unparalleled attempt by other nations to deny its right to exist, and to remove it from its land and its place in history. But, Israel has not gone away - it is still here! Even the attempts of Christians (who should know better!) to replace Israel's existence with its own concepts of the "church" (sometimes called replacement theology") have failed to diminish what appears to be the continual
fulfillment of ancient Bible prophecies.

This book is a sincere effort to describe and establish what the Bible actually says about this nation, land, and people we call "Israel."
Image of Is Life Worth Living? by Is Life Worth Living?
Is Life Worth Living? (SKU: BK1029)
Solomon was the third king under the united monarchy of ancient Israel. He is called the wisest and wealthiest king among all of Israel's kings and leaders. He was noted for building the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. that eventually was destroyed by Babylon in 586 b.c. Solomon •lays before us in this message of Ecclesiastes the answer to one of the most important questions we could ask: "IS LIFE WORTH LIVING?" If you leave a' personal relationship with the God Who made you out of the answer, then the answer is clearly "NO"! It is not worth the struggle which inevitably comes to all of us. But, if you see all of life as God intended, and you are rightly related to Him, then the answer is a strong "YES"!
Image of Is There Any Hope by Is There Any Hope
Is There Any Hope (SKU: BK1050)
Hope is the desire of thousands of people  around the world, but it is not often defined or explained in terms that people can understand.

This book is written for the average person, not the scholar or professional. It is based upon teachings that are found in the Bible, and it exhorts people to trust in God in difficult times and trials.

Life is filled with many trials and heartaches, burdens that seem too great to understand or endure. It is our prayer that this book may not only comfort you, but will provide solid Biblical answers to the life of helplessness and hopelessness that so often characterizes people today.
Image of Israel Celebrating 70 Years by Israel Celebrating 70 Years
Israel Celebrating 70 Years (SKU: BK1059)
In 2018, ISRAEL celebrates 70 years as a nation that was reborn and established in May of 1948. To honor this amazing prophetic plan of the LORD GOD of Israel, we have decided to put together many of the messages that HOPE for TODAY has produced and promoted in various churches and prophecy conferences. We hope that this will not only be informative and instructional (based on Biblical truth), but also be inspirational and increase the commitment of Bible believers to the support of the Nation of Israel.

We are well aware of the problems that still exist in the Middle East, and the continual resistance of many nations to the existence and growth of Israel. Bible prophecies about Israel are coming to pass and their fulfillment is a great blessing and encouragement to God's people. It is so important to remember that Israel is the important centerpiece of God's prophetic plan. One day soon the Messiah Himself will return and set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed. It is our constant prayer that many more people will come to know personally our Lord and Savior, and commit their hearts and lives to the only One Who can save us from sin, death, and hell.

This book is dedicated to the LORD GOD of ISRAEL and we desire that our praise and thanksgiving be to Him Who alone is worthy! To all of you who support ISRAEL in these days, may God give you strength, wisdom„ and courage as you continue to do all you can for this nation and give ALL the glory to our LORD GOD!
Image of Jerusalem - Biblical Roots by Jerusalem - Biblical Roots
Jerusalem - Biblical Roots (SKU: BK1043)
This booklet bases its reasoning upon the Bible, believing that it truly is the Word of Almighty God, the only true God! It is filled with Scripture, passages that clearly give the evidence for the Jewish right to the Land and to its capital city of Jerusalem. May God give us wisdom to know when we are being deceived and seduced by anti-Semitic leaders who want nothing more than to drive all Jews out of the Land of Israel. May the words of the Bible provide the insight and comfort - God does have a specific plan for the city of Jerusalem!
Image of Learning To Praise in the Psalms – A Daily Devotional by Learning To Praise in the Psalms – A Daily Devotional
Learning To Praise in the Psalms – A Daily Devotional (SKU: BK1033)
Image of Life's Greatest Questions by Life's Greatest Questions
Life's Greatest Questions (SKU: BK1011)
All of us have perplexing questions about the meaning and purpose of life. Who am I? Where did I come from? What is the meaning of my life and how can I know that with certainty? John, a successful businessman, married, with two children thought of himself as a higher form of animal life produced by evolution. His marriage and family disintegrated when, consistent with his beliefs, he had a series of affairs. Mary is a bright, energetic woman, but she thought of herself as a worm, a loathsome sore on the face of humanity. Life was painful for her, and the only relief she found came from obsessive shopping and other forms of escapism. Both found answers through a clear understanding of what God says in the pages of the Bible.

In LIFE'S GREATEST QUESTIONS David Hocking offers biblical answers to questions like, "Where do I - come from? When did it all begin? What went wrong? Am I good, bad, or both? Is my life sacred? Is there hope?" If you're looking for answers to such questions - this is it. Journey with David Hocking as he takes a fresh look at the power and hope found in the Bible's truth.
Image of Living in the Last Days by Living in the Last Days
Living in the Last Days (SKU: BK1032)
I & II Timothy deal with many issues of church life and behavior, but underlining it all is an awareness that "perilous times" are coming in the "last days". This is no time for us to fall asleep spiritually, but rather to be careful about coming deception and the tendency to adapt to our culture and times without biblical discernment and godly living. May our God open our hearts and minds to the importance of being men and women of the Word of God!
Image of Love is the Greatest by Love is the Greatest
Love is the Greatest (SKU: BK1020)
The world cries out for love but, as is often said, "the world is looking for love in all the wrong places:' The English word, "love", is used in a variety of ways and it never quite spells out the differences. To say, "I love ice cream" and then to say, "I love you" to our spouse, hopefully, does not mean the same thing. The Greek language of the l New Testament uses different words for "love" and the Bible gives us , a whole chapter (1 Corinthians 13) to describe and define the love of God Himself, which we desperately need in our lives. This book is an in-depth analysis of the whole subject of love and it bases its teaching upon the authority of God's -Word, the Bible.
Image of Messages to the Churches of the First Century A.D. by Messages to the Churches of the First Century A.D.
Messages to the Churches of the First Century A.D. (SKU: BK1079)
All of these messages come from the Apostle Paul who was being directed by the Holy Spirit in speaking to the churches of the first century A.D. These messages include Galatia, Ephesus, Philippi, Colossae, and Thessalonica – two of the five were started in Macedonia, and three of the five in Turkey of today. These churches teach us what the Christian life is all about, covering the issues of salvation, sanctification, submission, and service to our Lord. It is apparent from the lack of strong Bible teaching in the churches of our day that we are in desperate need of these messages.  It is time to ignore the efforts of the "prosperity gospel" and the opinions of the speakers who promote it; as you will understand from these messages; our churches of today are dominated by false teaching and very bad interpretations.  It is time for godly repentance and turning back to the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible!  May the LORD open our eyes and stir our hearts to follow His Word without compromise and restore Bible teaching to our pulpits!
Image of Passing the Buck by Passing the Buck
Passing the Buck (SKU: BK1012)
Much is being written and said about GIVING today, as giant ministries come under increasing scrutiny. ACCOUNTABILITY, is a word seen often in both religious periodicals, and secular journals ... even newspapers. WHAT DO THE SCRIPTURES SAY on the subject of giving? Surprising to some is the fact that much is said, beginning with man's earliest recorded history in Genesis, progressing through great principles outlined for Israel and culminating with many of the basic principles restated and emphasized by the writers of the New Testament. What about financial support for local churches as opposed to "para church" ministries? You'll find BIBLICAL ANSWERS, as you read this book. Some of them may surprise you. But there is little left about which to argue, when David Hocking completes his sensitive and penetrating study, complete with grammatical, cultural and historical overtones in ... PASSING THE BUCK ... What the Bible Says About Giving.
Image of Prepare to Meet Thy God: Studies in Amos by Prepare to Meet Thy God: Studies in Amos
Prepare to Meet Thy God: Studies in Amos (SKU: BK1063)
Amos was not a prophet, but took care of sheep and gathered sycamore fruit. Nevertheless the LORD called him to be a mighty voice against the people of Israel. They were filled with wickedness and idolatry and immorality. Amos came with warnings from God that are greatly needed in our world today.

The title of the book comes from Amos 4:12. It is a message that our world desperately needs to head and heed. It is our prayer that the powerful words of this book will challenge all of us to get right with the LORD and repent of our sins and disobedience to Him. As with other books among the TWELVE known as "Minor Prophets" - referring to their size not the strength of their messages - the phrase "THE LORD OF HOSTS" is prominent. It is a reference to the Messiah of Israel, our coming KING of kings and LORD of lords!

May your heart be stirred to get right with God and commit your life and future to be used by the LORD GOD of Israel!
Image of Principles of Joy by Principles of Joy
Principles of Joy (SKU: BK1004)
The purpose of these studies in Philippians is to give a basic understanding of the book for the lay person and provide a tool for both personal use and group studies.
Since the Bible teaches that its central theme is the Person and work of Jesus Christ (Luke 24 :44-49), these studies are de¬signed to show how the principles of joy are dependent upon one's personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
The introduction and twelve chapters of this book should provide helpful information on interpretation and application of its message. The study questions at the end of each chapter will hopefully reinforce the main points upon the reader's mind and heart. There is no greater need among believers than the attitude of joy. It makes our lives exciting and fulfilling and helps us to cope with changing circumstances and difficult situations. But, that wonderful quality of joy is not found in the things you possess or the activities in which you are engaged; it is found in a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. May your life be filled with His JOY!
Image of Proverbs for Today by Proverbs for Today
Proverbs for Today (SKU: BK1006)
Printed Copy
Image of Reviving the Stones by Reviving the Stones
Reviving the Stones (SKU: BK1013)
Nehemiah 1 The Need of Prayer
Nehemiah 2 Let's Arise and Build!
Nehemiah 3 Rebuilding the Wall
Nehemiah 4 Facing Opposition
Nehemiah 5 Internal Trouble
Nehemiah 6 How to Overcome Fear
Nehemiah 7 The Need for the Word
Nehemiah 8 The Power of the Word
Nehemiah 9 Let's Dedicate Ourselves
Nehemiah 10 What Commitment Means
Nehemiah 11-12 Let's Give Thanks!
Nehemiah 13 Let's Get Right With God
Image of Romantic Lovers by Romantic Lovers
Romantic Lovers (SKU: BK1002)
1 How to Know If You Have Fallen in Love
2 What Makes a Woman Beautiful?
3 Say It With Love!
4 The Need for Apples and Cakes of Raisins
5 Where Are the Gazelles?
6 Searching for Love
7 Let's Get Married!
8 You Have Ravished My Heart
9 Come to My Garden
10 Not Tonight!
11Altogether Lovely
12 Why He's So Special
13 A Sensuous Look
14I Will Give You My Love
15 Why Love Is So Powerful
Image of Seven Laws of Christian Leadership by Seven Laws of Christian Leadership
Seven Laws of Christian Leadership (SKU: BK1010)
Image of Spiritual Gifts Manual by Spiritual Gifts Manual
Spiritual Gifts Manual (SKU: BK1021)
The subject of Spiritual Gifts has been a divisive topic in the Church of Jesus Christ. It is a great relief to those who are called "Charismatics" as well as those who consider themselves to be "Non-Charismatics" that the differences have become more accepted and less tension-filled in recent years. In spite of the doctrinal differences, it seems that Christians have finally realized that we have a great deal in common whatever our position on Spiritual Gifts such as the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the inspiration of the Word of God and salvation by faith in Christ. Such tenets of faith we hold in common, and this should be the basis of our fellowship and cooperation in reaching out to the unsaved population of our earth. . .
Image of Suffering and the Sovereignty of God by Suffering and the Sovereignty of God
Suffering and the Sovereignty of God (SKU: BK1055)
Suffering is a part of life, and it has the ability to control our thoughts and desires. The Bible encourages all us to trust in the LORD with all of our hearts! JOB is a classic example of a
person who found little comfort in the thoughts and arguments of his friends. While they insinuated that he was not recognizing his own mistakes and certainly not trusting in the LORD, the book of JOB teaches otherwise. JOB lost everything and even his wife told him to Curse God and die! But, the example of JOB is in the Bible for our understanding and wisdom. The Bible is clear; JOB did not sin in spite of all the suffering he endured. Behind it all is the sovereignty of God Himself. JOB said "Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him". What a wonderful attitude in the life of one of God's servants. When we suffer physically, it often confuses us and our friends. We keep asking WHY? Contentment is found when our confidence is in the LORD GOD! This book is one of those essential Biblical books that affects all of us at one time or another. The latter end of JOB was greater than all he had experienced
in the past. God is able to turn our difficult circumstances into blessings that we never expected. May the GOD of the BIBLE bring you much wisdom and understanding as we all face the pressure of suffering and its results upon us all!
Image of The Beginning by The Beginning
The Beginning (SKU: BK1008)
1. In the Beginning (1:1-2)
2. Creation in Six Days? (1:1-2:3)
3. What Was Created in Six Days? (1:3-25)
4. The Creation of Human Life (1:26-31)
5. The Seventh Day (2:1-3)
6. The Garden of Eden (2:4-17)
7. Sex, Marriage, and Human Relationships (2:18-25)
8. The Fall of the Human Race (3:1-24)
9.     The Sanctity of Human Life (4:1-26)
10. The Beginning of Civilization (5:1-32)
11. Human Depravity and Divine Judgment (6:1-13)
12.   Global Catastrophe (6:14-9:19)
Image of The Book of Jonah: God's Love of All Nations by The Book of Jonah: God's Love of All Nations
The Book of Jonah: God's Love of All Nations (SKU: BK1081)
The Book of Jonah is not simply a story of a giant fish swallowing one of the prophets of God - it is a message about the Love of God for all nations.  48 verses in the whole book and one of the prophetic message for an amazing city of the Ancient world - Nineveh "Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown."  Our Lord Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel referred to Jonah in Matthew 12:38-42 and Matthew 16:4 and in Luke 11:29-32.

Flavius Josephus included the story of Jonah in his history of the Jewish people.  Jerome believed the purpose of the book was to encourage Jews to repent.

Martin Luther said of Jonah - "His conversion of the city of Nineveh with one short sermon is surely as great a miracle as his rescue from the belly of the whale, if not an ever greater one."

The events of this book seem to have occurred in the days of Jeroboam II of Israel (793-753 BC) according to II Kings 14:23-27.  May its message stir our hearts to be obedient to the LORD GOD and remind us of His love for all nations!
Image of The Book of Revelation by The Book of Revelation
The Book of Revelation (SKU: BK1007)
The future is unknown without Biblical understanding. The Book of Revelation lays it out in some detail, and what is given to us is awesome indeed! It is "Judgment Day" if there ever was one (and there certainly is!)

The Book of Revelation is divided in three parts:

The Lord of The Churches
(Revelation 2-5)

The Lion Over The Nations
(Revelation 6-20)

The Lamb Among The Redeemed
(Revelation 21-22)

The future facts of this Book are all related to the unveiling of the glory and majesty of the Messiah as well as describing in detail the wrath and judgment of Almighty God upon planet Earth!
Image of The Case for Pre-Tribulationalism by The Case for Pre-Tribulationalism
The Case for Pre-Tribulationalism (SKU: BK1036)
"The Case for Pre-Tribulationalism" has been written for the average reader, not the scholar. It presents in "easy-to-read" fashion the teaching of the Bible concerning the Second Coming of Jesus Christ when both dead and living believer will "caught up"  to meet the Lord in the air. This event mentioned in I Thessalonians 4:13-18 and in I Corinthians 15:51-52 is called by the word "Rapture," a word that does not appear in the English translations of the Bible but is a transliteration of the Latin word that is used in Latin translations of the Greek New Testament.
Image of The Church of Jesus Christ by The Church of Jesus Christ
The Church of Jesus Christ (SKU: BK1003)
Never has there been a greater need to study the Biblical teaching concerning the Church of Jesus Christ as there is today! Confusion over what the Church should believe and practice is everywhere!

The Bible predicts the coming of great and widespread deception, but very few believers are prepared for it. The attacks from the outside are still with us, but today the Church is being undermined from within. False teaching abounds and continual attempts o redefine the Church in terms of its doctrinal beliefs and its practices are spreading all over the world.  

It's time to return to the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible! It's time to call believers to repentance and loyalty to God's Word about the Church and what it should be doing in this world.

Today one can find churches in every major city that describe their services in terms of "traditional" or "liturgical" or "contemporary." Often the services appeal more to the unchurched, using modern ideas of communication and ministry, and rarely confronting them with the true gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

This Book is a call to return to the Bible!
Image of The Corinthians and the Church by The Corinthians and the Church
The Corinthians and the Church (SKU: BK1086)
The church that began in the city of Corinth was exposed to paganism and idolatry that centered attention upon sexual immorality and alcoholic beverages. It was described by the Apostle Paul as a group of carnal believers, and in serious need of repentance and Christian unity.

Corinth was a beautiful city and known for its buildings and loyalty to Rome. The church was filled with problems and needed understanding about issues of marriage and godly living. The very name of the city became a common term for its sinful lifestyles “Corinthianize.”

It is time for believers today to study carefully the two books written by the Apostle Paul and the need of repentance and dedication to the Lord!
Image of The Day of The Lord is Coming! by The Day of The Lord is Coming!
The Day of The Lord is Coming! (SKU: BK1045)
There is a day coming to planet earth that will make all previous days seem insignificant by comparison! It will not be a pleasant day; it is a day filled with terror and panic such as the people of earth have never experienced!

Disasters have come to earth on many occasions and those who have been a part of them and have survived will find it hard to believe that a worst scenario is soon to come, the consequences of which have never been seen in previous history!

It is our sincere desire as we present the facts concerning this coming DAY OF THE LORD that you will find hope and comfort in the midst of what we are facing, and come to believe that not only are these events about to transpire on planet earth, but that there is an answer for all of us concerning how we can prepare for this coming disaster and escape this holocaust of terror about to take place!
Image of The Future of Planet Earth by The Future of Planet Earth
The Future of Planet Earth (SKU: BK1076)
The Book of Zechariah is often called "THE LITTLE REVELATION" because it is quoted often in the New Testament Book of Revelation.  It is filled with important prophecies about the future of planet earth, and how its history will be wrapped up in God's plans.  Jerusalem is featured in this wonderful book about the future, and it also emphasizes the importance of the Day of the LORD a phrase used 25 times in the Bible.  Its climax centers on the reign of the Messiah, and His soon return.  He is the KING of kings and the LORD of lords, and He will build the most beautiful Jewish structure of all time - the Messianic Temple!  This amazing book also features the importance of the worship of Almighty God.  It is our prayer and deep concern that every reader of its contents will be challenged to make sure of their belief in the Messiah of Israel, the only real HOPE of this planet!  We dedicate this volume to the glory and majesty of our blessed Messiah, our Lord Yeshua HaMashiach!
Image of The God of the Bible (Revised) by The God of the Bible (Revised)
The God of the Bible (Revised) (SKU: BK1038)
The God of the Bible is NOT Allah of the Islamic religion. He is NOT the "big bang" in evolutionary thinking. He is NOT "the Man upstairs. "He is NOT the "Divine principle." He is NOT merely the emotion of love, although He is indeed the epitome of what love is and how it operates. He is NOT simply a vapor or a ghost or an idea or merely the principle of life!
The world is religious - very religious! 90% of the world's population believes in God. But, they disagree about His true identity and what He can do or has done. To some, He is personal and close; to others, He is distant and unknowable on a personal level. The world disagrees about what God expects or commands. They develop religious systems and rituals to help them find Him and relate to Him.
In moments of heartache, trials, disappointments, and discouragement, most people want to know if there is a God Who understands our feelings and cares about us. When your total perspective in life begins and ends with
self, there is very little comfort and hope. When your dreams are shattered, your ideals destroyed, and your goals unrealized, a certain emptiness remains that only God can fill. The big questions about the origin of all things, death, and life after death are answered satisfactorily only when we root our understanding in the presence and existence of God, a God Who knows the beginning and the end of all things and Who is personally involved in the course of human lives and events. That God really does exist! He is personal and knowable, and He is "THE GOD OF THE BIBLE. "
Image of The Gospel of Jesus Christ - Studies in Romans by The Gospel of Jesus Christ - Studies in Romans
The Gospel of Jesus Christ - Studies in Romans (SKU: BK1044)
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being undermined by weak and often non-Biblical interpretations in our day.  It is time to state clearly what the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about!

The Book of Romans makes it clear that the righteousness of God is the primary issue and its reception by humanity is based on faith alone, not on human effort or worthiness.

In many ways, the Book of Romans is like the "constitution of Christianity."   It spells out the issues clearly and speaks powerfully of God"s plan to save humanity from sin, death, and hell.

Serious questions are answered in this wonderful book - like:


Image of The Messiah of Israel by The Messiah of Israel
The Messiah of Israel (SKU: BK1039)
No book of the Bible reveals the Person 'and work of the Messiah of Israel like the Book of Hebrews. It emphasizes the interrelationship between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, and reveals that the Bible is an integrated software system.
Hebrews explains the Jewish roots of the faith and presents the evidence for the Messiahship of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah). There is a great amount of evidence presented in the book as to the role of Yeshua as High Priest, Prophet, and King. The book explains how the Jewish sacrificial system pointed to the Messiah's death for our sins, and emphasizes that His death was "once for all." Throughout the book we learn that He is "greater" and what He has done and will do is "better" than anything we could imagine or believe! The book is written to Jewish people primarily, both those who believe that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel and those who don't and are reluctant to listen (or read) to the evidence. It is our prayer in publishing this volume that you will know what you believe and that the truth about the Messiah will change your life forever!
Image of The Ten Commandments - The Moral Code of God by The Ten Commandments - The Moral Code of God
The Ten Commandments - The Moral Code of God (SKU: BK1082)
Today's culture has drifted far from the morality which GOD has given to us. It seems that some kind of "freedom" dominates what people believe is right for them, and they have no desire to change or consider that the God of the Bible has already given us a moral guideline for what is right and what is wrong.

It is time for us to return to the God of the Bible, and commit ourselves to what He has determined already to be the moral code we should follow. Our families are in a desperate need of moral guidelines, and our families will fall further into moral defeat and disaster.

These moral guidelines were honored and placed into view in our governmental places in Washington DC and our forefathers dedicated themselves to their observance and practice.

The main reason for their observance and honor is that they originated and were given by God Himself. May all of us profit by this brief study, and may these standards once again control what we believe and practice. To God be all the glory!
Image of The Truth About The Holy Spirit by The Truth About The Holy Spirit
The Truth About The Holy Spirit (SKU: BK1009)
The teaching of the Bible about the Holy Spirit has been controversial throughout church history. The result has been a lack of understanding that has robbed believers of blessing and power in their Christian lives. This book has been designed to bring some clarity to the issues involved and to encourage all believers as to why we desperately need the Holy Spirit's presence and power in our lives.
Image of The Twelve - Minor Prophets by The Twelve - Minor Prophets
The Twelve - Minor Prophets (SKU: BK1051)
Prophecies about Israel and the Day of the Lord

Image of Visions of the Future by Visions of the Future
Visions of the Future (SKU: BK1030)
Zechariah is often referred to as the "little Revelation" of the Old Testament. The historical background follows the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon, and the return of the Jews to rebuild the temple. The book speaks of the centrality of Jerusalem is God's prophetic plan, and tells us of how this city will become a "cup of trembling" to all nations. We will read of the future invasion of Israel, the battle of Armageddon, the glorious return of the Messiah to this earth, and the setting up of a kingdom that will never end. May God open our hearts to the glorious future awaiting those who have put their faith in the coming Messiah!
Image of What Christians Believe by What Christians Believe
What Christians Believe (SKU: BK1027)
This book is an effort to communicate with the average person, not the theologian or Bible scholar. It is also written with the desire to communicate the essential teachings of Christianity to those who have never been exposed to them, or are confused at what they have seen and heard.
There has been a commitment in this book to avoid "side issues" and the many "distinctive doctrines" of various churches and religious groups. The focus is on the essential issues of the gospel of Jesus Christ - an attempt to state clearly the historic and orthodox position on the teachings of the Bible concerning the essentials of Christianity.
Image of What is Coming to Planet Earth? by What is Coming to Planet Earth?
What is Coming to Planet Earth? (SKU: BK1084)
Our world is a big mess!  The culture has decided on freedom that has come to mean “no God, no Bible, no restrictions on our moral desires and practices,” and the result and what is needed in our personal lives and family commitments! The Bible has the answers and warns us all about our sin and disobedience to God, and our need of repentance and commitment to the only One
Who can save us from sin, death, and hell.
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Image of Whatever Happened to Morality by Whatever Happened to Morality
Whatever Happened to Morality (SKU: BK1041)
David new book deals with a multitude of moral issues and questions that are confronting our culture and desperately needed biblical answers! This is one of the most important books David has written.
Image of Why Good Works - By Dr. Donald Hocking by Why Good Works - By Dr. Donald Hocking
Why Good Works - By Dr. Donald Hocking (SKU: SI92)
This book on Titus takes a different look at a New Testament Book that most writers place within the general category of "Pastoral Epistles." Both Timothy and Titus were "apostles" and not simply "pastors" of local churches. The modern word "missionaries" comes from the Latin word for the Greek "apostles." This volume is a "missionary manual" - giving instruction as to how the discipleship of new believers should take place. The key words are "GOOD WORKS" -the real evidence that a person has been born again and is manifesting the work of the Holy Spirit in his or her life.

The book emphasizes that a life without "good works" is going to lead to disaster, and be easily persuaded by demonic deception and false teaching. Missionaries in particular need to know and understand the message of Titus as they seek to plant and build Bible-believing and Bible-teaching churches in the cultures where they are serving the Lord. May God use this book to develop and strengthen the leadership within those churches that have been planted for the Lord.
Image of Why Suffering? by Why Suffering?
Why Suffering? (SKU: BK1049)
If we live long enough, it is apparent that most of us will suffer - and life is filled with many kinds of suffering and afflictions. Is is not easy to understand or to endure when and what afflictions may come to us. My wife and I have experienced a great deal of suffering and trials, and we have found from the Bible the answers we needed. If we can help anyone, we will be greatly blessed and honored. We have been married for over 53 years, and we have never felt like it has not been worth it, or we have never wished that we were married to someone else. We are so blessed by God to know and enjoy our love that began days before we were married. Many of our good friends have already lost their mates, and now must endure the days of loneliness and emptiness. Their stories of heartache and painful trials have been of great encouragement to us - we all need to learn how to deal with suffering.

Of course, many marriages and families live with pain because of unfaithfulness, constant disagreements and battles over the simple issue of life.

It has been a nightmare for some due to hostile spouses or unresolved conflicts from the past. Unfortunately, abuse runs rampant in many homes, not only verbal abuse, but serious physical abuse.

We have tried to develop a list of the serious abuses and problems that often lead to difficult times of suffering and affliction. This list may not cover the areas of suffering that have come to your life and experiences, but maybe the list will be helpful and lead us to some encouraging results.
Image of Words for a Final Generation by Words for a Final Generation
Words for a Final Generation (SKU: BK1054)
The actual Hebrew name of this favorite book of our Lord Yeshua is "Devarim" which means "words", WORDS FOR A FINAL GENERATION!

These are the words about the Nation and people of Israel that are intended for all people, Jews and Gentiles. In particular, according to the Apostle Paul, these are the words for the final generation of humanity on planet earth. As is written in I Corinthians 10:11 - "they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come."

May the LORD God of Israel bring great wisdom and understanding to all who read this powerful study!
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