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Image of About Doctrines - Volume 1 by About Doctrines - Volume 1
About Doctrines - Volume 1 (SKU: QA017A)
1. Regarding "Baptism for the dead", does Paul condemn it?
2. Is healing always a matter of faith?
3. Can a Christian be demon possessed?
4. What about 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 and women head covering?
5. A question about the Sabbath day.
6. What are the 4th and 5th commandments?
7. What about dinosaurs and was the flood local or worldwide?
8. What about the finding of a missing link between ape and man?
9. How can we believe the Bible because without sunlight we can have no vegetation. What about creation?
10. Genesis chapters 1 and 2 on the creation of mankind. Is there a discrepancy?
11. An Islamic teacher says Abraham raised his knife at Ishmael, not Isaac in Genesis 22.
12. Please explain your teaching on spanking.
13. What's your view on "circumcision"?
14. Was Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed because of hospitality or homosexuality?
15. How were giants like Goliath around if the giant Nephilim were wiped out in the flood?
16. I got a temporary job and still receiving a welfare check. If I report it, I'll lose my welfare check. Help.
17. I'm a Christian and addicted to pornography. Please help me.
18. Could you explain the speed of light?
19. What do you believe about the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
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Image of About Doctrines - Volume 2 by About Doctrines - Volume 2
About Doctrines - Volume 2 (SKU: QA017B)
1. If there were no New Testament about Jesus, would Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel and David be in Heaven?
2. If God is everywhere, how could any person flee or run away from His presence?
3. If God has so much power, why doesn't He answer someone's prayer for healing?
4. What is your belief about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues?
5. People spread rumors and accusations about others, even in the Christian circle. Why?
6. About angels - how can we know what is true and what is Satanic?
7. I pray when tough times come but it sometimes seems it's impossible to stop worrying. Can you help?
8. If a Christian is baptized into the body of Christ, how can he be baptized again?
9. Which Bible translation do you use and why?
10. How does a person know the will of God?
11. Could you explain anointing a sick person with oil?
12. Why should we pray for our government leaders?
13. Does every believer have a guardian angel?
14. Is speaking in tongues necessary to be saved or filled with the Holy Spirit?
15. Please explain Solomon's actions of having 700 wives and 300 concubines?
16. What is God's name?
17. How do you know if a person is called into the ministry?
18. Do you see anything wrong with a Christian being a Mason?
19. Should Christians practice and celebrate Jewish festivals?
20. What does the Bible say about smoking?
21. Is it possible to be depressed and still be filled with the Holy Spirit?
22. How do I keep from wanting to get even with people who have hurt me badly?
23. Do you believe in Divine healing?
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