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Image of About Prophecy - Volume 1 by About Prophecy - Volume 1
About Prophecy - Volume 1 (SKU: QA015A)
1. Why do you believe that Israel being back in the land is a Biblical fulfillment?
2. God and Magog - is that Armageddon?
3. Has Daniel 9:24-27 already been fulfilled?
4. Is Isaiah a book about things of the future?
5. Is Ezekiel 38 and 39 speaking of Russia or Armageddon?
6. You say most countries in the Middle East are not Arab. The news says different. Can you explain?
7. I'm a Muslim and I believe that the land doesn't belong to Israel. Please, can you explain why you do?
8. What is the Mark of the Beast?
9. Will Israel now negotiate with Hamas?
10. Is the city of Jerusalem going to be divided?
11. Is the city of Babylon going to be rebuilt?
12. Will the heavenly Jerusalem be suspended above the earth?
13. At the end of the tribulation, where does Jesus come first?
14. Why is dividing Jerusalem so wrong?
15. Do you believe the Millennium is a literal Kingdom of earth?
16. Who are the two witnesses in Revelation and how do they fit in with Zechariah?
17. Will John the Baptist return before Messiah comes?
18. Where does it say that nations will be destroyed for attacking Israel?
19. Is the picture of the Wings of an Eagle referring to America?
20. Will Damascus and Syria be destroyed?
21. Will we know the Antichrist before he turns bad?
22. Can you explain the battle of Armageddon?
23. How is John the Baptist, Elijah the Prophet?
24. What do you know about the North American Union?
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Image of About Prophecy - Volume 2 by About Prophecy - Volume 2
About Prophecy - Volume 2 (SKU: QA015B)
1. Was the great flood of the Bible, local or world wide?
2. Please explain 2 Chron 7:14?
3. What is the City of David?
4. What is the Pit of Jeremiah?
5. Please explain the stone of Solomon and Nathan?
6. Hezekiah's tunnel?
7. Why do you support Israel so much?
8. Is the war really about the Middle East peace process?
9. Will every Jewish person be saved?
10. Do you believe Gog and Magog refers to Russia invading Israel?
11. Are the promises of Ezek 36, being fulfilled now?
12. Is Ezek. 37 talking about Israel again becoming a nation?
13. Do the Muslims see Ezek. 38 as the attack of Muslims against Israel?
14. Where does the U.S. fit in Ezek. 38 and 39?
15. Is the war in Iraq a part of Ezekiel prophecy?
16. Could the last nine chapters of Ezekiel be speaking about the new Jerusalem?
17. Was Mohammad predicted by the Bible to be a prophet?
18. Could you say that many things Isaiah said could be applied to us?
19. Is the Modern State of Israel a fulfillment of prophecy?
20. Did God ever forsake Israel?
21. What does the vineyard represent in Isaiah 5?
22. Is Isaiah 6 speaking of Israel's personal conversion?
23. Is the covenant of the land valid for today?
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Image of About Prophecy - Volume 3 by About Prophecy - Volume 3
About Prophecy - Volume 3 (SKU: QA015C)
1. Was the ancient Sanhedren been re-established?
2. Is the current talk of peace for Israel, a false peace?
3. Why should we pray for the peace of Jerusalem?
4. Is Jerusalem one of the Holy sites of Islam or does it belong to Israel?
5. Are the Palestinians the ancient descendants of the Canninites? If so, does the land belong to them?
6. President Bush Sr. says he doesn't support a Palestinian State in Israel. Why is his son doing it?
7. Why don't Jews read Isaiah 53?
8. Did Manassah become a believer?
9. Do you have any regard for the Palestinians?
10. If Pres. Bush is a Christian, why is he forcing Israel to give up land?
11. What does the Bible say about the removal of Jews from Gaza?
12. Is Gog and Magog of rev 20 the same as Ezek. 38 and 39?
13. The remark of Jonah being in the belly of the fish, 3 days and nights, refer to Jesus' time in the grave?
14. There are those who say the Holocaust never happened and the Jews are looking for sympathy?
15. Has the U.N. proposed that Jerusalem should be an international city?
16. Does modern day Israel have anything to do with prophecy?
17. Why does your ministry focus so much on Israel?
18. Will John the baptist return as one of the prophets before Messiah comes?
19. Is the judgement of the Philistines in the Bible referring to the Palestinians?
20. Who are the two witnesses of Zechariah 4 and Rev. 11?
21. Does the Bible teach that Damascus and Syria will be destroyed?
22. Where do we see Iran in Bible prophecy?
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