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About Replacement Theology - Volume 1 (SKU: QA014A)
1. Does Palestine belong to the Jews or the Arabs?
2. Because Israel disobeyed and crucified Jesus, did she lose her right to God's convent?
3. Does God's promise to Abraham involve the land of Israel?
4. Is the modern state of Israel in prophecy and is the church the new Israel?
5. Were the events in Matthew 24 already been fulfilled in 70 A.D.?
6. If the rapture occurs before the tribulation, please explain Matthew 24:29.
7. Are the 24 elders of Revelation angels around the throne of God?
8. Was the book of Daniel written after the Maccabean revolt around 100 B.C.?
9. Did God judge Israel for their rejection and disobedience so that they lost the promise?
10. Explain Leviticus 26:40-43 - it sounds like a conditional promise.
11. Did the Tribulation occur back in the 1st century "This Generation"?
12. What is the Preterist view of the book of Revelation?
13. What does "Preterist" mean?
14. What is "A-Millenialism"?
15. If the church has not replaced Israel then please explain Galatians 6:16.
16. You said God's covenant with Israel is unconditional. Explain Leviticus 26.
17. Have all the descriptions in Revelation been fulfilled in 70 A.D.?
18. Were the prophecies in Luke 21 fulfilled in 70 A.D.?
19. What is "Replacement Theology"?
20. Are not church age believers called "the Israel of God" in Galatians 6:16?
21. Was Revelation written before 70 A.D.?
22. Did the judgment of God judge Israel once and then He forsook them?
23. Is the covenant of the land valid for today?
24. Where do you get the 80% figure that the church has replaced Israel?
25. Does the modern day Israel have anything to do with Bible prophecy?
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