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About the Rapture - Volume 1 (SKU: QA012A)
1. My pastor disagrees with your view on the Rapture. What do you say about that?
2. Isn't the Rapture viewpoint a rather recent view?
3. Is the Rapture taught in the Old Testament?
4. What is the pre-wrath Rapture?
5. Are there any prophecies left before the Rapture can happen?
6. Why has God allowed so much uncertainty regarding the timing of the Rapture and other issues and events of the tribulation?
7. Will Jesus return before, during or after the tribulation? Are we just making up the tribulation period?
8. How do you explain Matthew 24:29 in light of what appears to be your view regarding the second coming occurring before the tribulation?
9. If you are not walking with the Lord when the Rapture comes is it right to say that you will not go to heaven with the other believers because you were carnal?
10. What will happen to people who have not become Christians as of yet, if the Rapture occurs? Will they have a second chance?
11. How close are we to the Rapture?
12. When do you believe the Rapture takes place?
13. Are you pre-tribulational or pre-millennial?
14. Is the Rapture before the tribulation?
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