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Image of About Israel - Volume 1 by About Israel - Volume 1
About Israel - Volume 1 (SKU: QA011A)
1. Why so much focus on Israel? 2. Who is a Jew? And who cares? 3. How did Abraham become a Jew? 4. Who did Abraham truly raise his knife against - Ishmael or Isaac? 5. Why do you teach that God's promise to Abraham involves the Land of Israel? 6. Isn't the problem in the Middle East connected to the old conflict between Jews and Arabs, Isaac and Ishmael? 7. Doesn't the Bible teach that Israel lost their position to the promises through their disobedience and rejection of God? 8. Explain Leviticus 26:40-43 - it sounds like God's promise to Israel is conditional. 9. Explain your understanding of the Sabbath and why it is based on Israel and not church age believers. 10. Who are the true Arabs? 11. Where does the Bible teach that Israel will continue to exist? 12. Where in the Bible do you find the current peace process between Arabs and Jews? 13. Do we really need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem? 14. What is the "Road Map"? 15. Is modern day Israel a fulfillment of Bible prophecy? 16. Isn't Israel just another secular nation? 17. Is there real historical evidence on King David? 18. Why do you believe Israel's agricultural prosperity is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy? 19. Where did the Star of David originate? 20. Is the country of Israel the same as the people of Israel in the Bible? 21. When a Jew becomes a Christian, does it mean he is no longer Jewish? 22. Why do Jews not see the Messiah when it seems clear in the Bible, especially in Isaiah 53? 23. How can I keep up to date on what's happening in Israel?
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Image of About Israel - Volume 2 by About Israel - Volume 2
About Israel - Volume 2 (SKU: QA011B)
1, Where do you stand in relation to the Arabs?
2. Will Jews go to heaven if they don't believe Jesus is Messiah?
3. Do Jews have to believe in Jesus in order to be saved?
4. Do you condone what Israel is doing to the Arabs?
5. Is Israel becoming a nation that's a fulfillment of Bible prophecy?
6. Do you believe that Israel should go to war and reclaim all the land God promised them?
7. Are the terrorist attacks a sign that all nations will turn against Israel?
8. Why is it so important to have a Jewish calendar with Jewish feasts?
9. Is it Biblical that Jerusalem should be shared with Jews, Muslims and Christians?
10. Can you explain the refuge problem in Israel?
11. If Israel is in unbelief then how can they be a fulfillment of prophecy?
12. Do Jews believe that the hope of the world is the Messiah?
13. Is there any prophecy about Iraq being a part of God's promise?
14. Could you explain the word "settlement"?
15. Is Israel of today a part of the promise to God's people?
16. What does "Christian Zionist" mean?
17. Why is Israel so important to Hope for Today?
18. Will Israel now negotiate with Hamas?
19. Is the city of Jerusalem going to be divided?
20. Can Israel be saved and is there a dual covenant theory?
21. What countries today are indicated by the Bible as coming against Israel at the battle of Gog and Magog?
22. Does the animosity of the Arabs towards the Israelis come from the eviction of Hagar and Ishmael by Sarah?
23. Is the Zionist Israel in denial of the new covenant of the Messiah?
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