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About the Church - Volume 1 (SKU: QA008A)
1. What is the definition of a Church?
2. What do you think about denominations?
3. Where can we find a good Bible teaching church?
4. Are there Christian churches in Israel?
5. Why don't Pastors give altar calls anymore?
6. When a Pastor no longer believes the Bible is without error, what do we do?
7. Why are churches not teaching the Bible and becoming "user friendly"?
8. Is it right for a church to go into debt?
9. In Matthew 24:24, 31, who does the word "elect" refer to?
10. What about the Messianic movement who start churches separately from regular churches?
11. Is the Sabbath day for Christians?
12. Aren't churches suppose to teach the Bible?
13. Is the church the New Israel and what about Galatians 6:16?
14. Should secular programs such as Santa Clause be in churches?
15. Can women serve in the church?
16. Is it Biblical for a church to fire a Pastor?
17. What type of bread should be used in communion?
18. Should churches recognize unmarried people living together as being okay?
19. Should non-believers be leaders in a Christian church?
20. What is a seeker sensitive church?
21. What about the book "the Purpose Driven Church"? Is it okay?
22. Please give a Biblical explanation on speaking in tongues in church.
23. Where do you get the 80% figure about churches believing in Replacement Theology?
24. Can a divorced man be a leader in a church?
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