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Image of About The Bible - Volume 1 by About The Bible - Volume 1
About The Bible - Volume 1 (SKU: QA007A)
1. What about supposed Bible mistranslations such as Genesis 4.26?
2. Is there a contradiction in John 21:25?
3. I have a list of the 10 commandments and they are different than the Bible. Why?
4. In what way is the Jewish Bible different from the Christian Bible?
5. I would like to study the Bible more. What help can you suggest?
6. How does one interpret the Bible correctly?
7. What about Bible translations?
8. Is there a contradiction about the third day of creation?
9. How can the days of Genesis 1 be literal?
10. My professor says that there is no evidence for a worldwide flood. Is that so?
11. How do you prove that the Bible is the Word of God?
12. Is the book of Ecclesiastes God's wisdom or mans wisdom?
13. Why is the phrase in Romans 1 left out of several translations?
14. There is a question as to when the book of Daniel was written.
15. If Claudius expelled the Jews in 44 A.D., how could Paul write them a letter?
16. Can you give an example of Hebrew poetry in the Bible?
17. Our Pastor doesn't believe the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. What do we do?
18. Mormon friends say that the Bible is not a complete book. Is this true?
19. Among Christians there seems to be no need to bring a Bible to church. Why?
20. Why don't Pastors teach the Bible in church anymore?
21. What passages should be taken literally or symbolically?
22. What is the Blue Book Bible?
23. In Hebrews 8 and 9, does it mean that the New Covenant replaces the Old Testament?
24. Is the Living Bible a good Bible?
25. Is there a discrepancy about Genesis chapters 1 and 2?
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Image of About The Bible - Volume 2 by About The Bible - Volume 2
About The Bible - Volume 2 (SKU: QA007B)
1. What about "The Di Vinci Code" movie?
2. The accuracy of the Bible has been in question of late, in films, books and talk shows. What's going on?
3. How does the average listener know which Pastor is right in what he is saying?
4. Where in the Bible does it say that nations will be destroyed for attacking Israel?
5. Which Bible translation should we use?
6. Why do you use the old King James Version of the Bible?
7. Is the authority of God greater than the written Word of God?
8. What is the oldest proven civilization on earth?
9. Can you say how long Abraham lived here on earth?
10. How could Moses be the writer of Genesis?
11. Were dinosaurs on earth with humans?
12. Isn't the light of the sun, moon and stars needed for vegetation?
13. Exodus 20:4-5 seems to forbid worship of planets. Can you explain?
14. God told Adam he would die if ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Why didn't he?
15. Is the New King James Version okay?
16. In the global flood, where did all the water come from?
17. If a believer commits suicide, is that the unpardonable sin?
18. Why do you say that Saudi Arabia is not Arab?
19. Why does the Bible teach about a head covering for a woman?
20. Are there repercussions or benefits to contemplative prayer?
21. What is the benefit in using the King James Version?
22. Were their tongues in Acts 2 foreign languages?
23. Is God in direct control when leaders of nations are chosen?
24. When do we take the Bible literally or symbolically?
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