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About Hope Beyond the Grave - Volume 1 (SKU: QA006A)
1. If we are believers, what happens when we die?
2. If a person commits suicide, does that mean they will go to hell and not heaven?
3. The baptism for the dead. Does Paul commend this?
4. Are candle light vigils, memorials and leaving flowers at grave sites New Age influenced?
5. What happens when we die? Do we sleep before the resurrection?
6. If God is sovereign then why does he let babies die and let bad things happen every day?
7. What kind of hope do you give to someone who is dying?
8. When are believers who died raised from the dead?
9. What is your advice about cremation?
10. What happens to a person when they die physically?
11. When a person dies and goes to heaven, do they have a body in heaven or does that happen at the Rapture?
12. Are babies who die in infancy going to heaven?
13. Our son committed suicide and he was a believer. Is he in heaven?
14. Why do you believe in hell?
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