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Image of About Salvation - Volume 1 by About Salvation - Volume 1
About Salvation - Volume 1 (SKU: QA005A)
1. What is the teaching on losing your salvation?
2. Are you a five point Calvanist?
3. I'm a Christian man but I do not have joy in the Lord and feel nothing in my relationship to the Lord. Do you have any advice?
4. You said there are 7 things you must do to be a Christian. Please explain.
5. Did Christ die for only believers or for the whole world?
6. Can you explain the parable of the ten virgins?
7. Do you believe in a literal hell?
8. Sometimes I don't feel saved and begin to question my relationship to God. Can you help me?
9. Can a person be saved without confessing Jesus?
10. Could you explain the soil in the parable of the sower in Matthew 13?
11. Does a person need to repent to be saved?
12. Can we lose our salvation if we fall back into our old ways?
13. Do we have to be baptized in order to be saved?
14. I received Jesus as a child. I'm in prison and I question my salvation. Can you help?
15. Don't you have to keep the commandments to be saved?
16. Human free will. How does it work with salvation?
17. Does a person have to believe Jesus is God to be a Christian.
18. Is there a second chance for salvation after the Rapture?
19. If I'm saved by Ephesians 2:8 and through sin in my life I come to a place that I no longer believe in Jesus as my Savior, am I lost?
20. What about those who never heard the gospel?
21. Not saved by works - then please explain James chapter 2.
22. I've committed so many sins - will Christ accept me?
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Image of About Salvation - Volume 2 by About Salvation - Volume 2
About Salvation - Volume 2 (SKU: QA005B)
1. Can a believer be blotted out of the book of life?
2. Is John 15 about the branches being burned up talking about people losing their salvation?
3. Do you have to speak in tongues to be saved?
4. What's the explanation of John 3:5 and John 26:7 about being saved?
5. Does it matter if we believe in Jesus' death?
6. Is there a second chance after the Rapture to be saved for those who already heard the gospel but did not make a decision?
7. Please explain Romans 11 about the wild olive branch?
8. Can you explain Micah 5:12 as it relates to the sheep and the shepherd?
9. Can a believer be possessed by a demon?
10. Does God chose us because He knows we will choose Him?
11. In Ephesians 2:8 is faith the gift of God?
12. Did Jesus die for the whole world or only for those who would believe in Him?
13. Doesn't the Bible teach that faith without works is not real faith at all?
14. Must repentance precede our faith in Jesus?
15. How does a person really know they are born again?
16. If a Jew becomes a Christian does he stop being Jewish?
17. In Hebrews 6, does it speak about losing your salvation?
18. I'm discouraged over my sinful thoughts since I've been saved. Can you help?
19. Do you have to be baptized in water to be saved?
20. Human free will - in John 16:16 does it not indicate that our election is predetermined and foreknown by our creator? What contribution does a sinner do for his salvation?
21. Do you believe in a real hell or Lake of Fire?
22. Is it necessary to believe in the Diety of Jesus Christ to be saved?
23. If we continue in sin and do not repent, will we still go to heaven?
24. How do you become a Christian?
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Image of About Salvation - Volume 3 by About Salvation - Volume 3
About Salvation - Volume 3 (SKU: QA005C)
1. Being involved in a shooting - can God forgive me?
2. What happens to Jews who die today without believing in Jesus?
3. Will Jews go to Heaven even if they don't believe Jesus is the Messiah?
4. Is a Jew saved if he does not believe in Jesus?
5. The book "Left Behind" implicates people will have a 2nd chance for salvation in the Tribulation. is that so?
6. Can a Jew be saved who does not believe Jesus is the Messiah?
7. If we continue in our sin and do not repent - will we go to heaven?
8. Through sin I've come to a place that I no longer believe in Jesus. Am I lost?
9. What does it mean to be saved and what are we saved from?
10. What does it mean to be a Christian?
11. I just received Christ. Do you have more information?
12. Please explain the word "propitiation".
13. What does it mean to be "born again".
14. Do we have to keep the sacraments to go to heaven?
15. Is Hell really a lake of fire?
16. My husband mocks my faith and says I love God more than him. Help!
17. Is water baptism necessary for salvation?
18. Can you explain "limited atonement"?
19. What part if any do we have in getting saved?
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Image of About Salvation - Volume 4 by About Salvation - Volume 4
About Salvation - Volume 4 (SKU: QA005D)
1. If God is so loving why doesn't He save everybody? 2. Does Hebrews chapter 6 and 10 teach you can lose your salvation? 3. The family next door is Muslim. Our conversations are argumentative. Any suggestions? 4. Is Hebrews 10:26 saying if a person sins willfully he can lose his salvation? 5. Is it possible to lose your salvation? 6. What Biblical evidence is there that Gentiles will be saved in the Tribulation? 7. What happened the night of the resurrection in John 20? 8. Does God have a separate plan to save Jews? What is dual covenant? 9. When Jesus forgives you of your sins, does that mean everything? 10. Can you lose your salvation if you do stuff God doesn't want you to do? 11. If a Christian commits suicide does he go to hell? 12. Did Jesus die for the whole world or only those who believe? 13. Does the Bible teach that we should repent to be saved? 14. Abraham is the father of the Muslims. Are they saved as well as the Jews? 15. Is there any circumstance that would cancel the security of the believer? 16. My husband mocks my faith and says I love God more than him. Help! 17. Many will be saved in the Tribulation. Will people today have a 2nd chance?
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