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Image of About Marriage - Volume 1 by About Marriage - Volume 1
About Marriage - Volume 1 (SKU: QA004A)
1. My wife divorced me and remarried. She is divorced again. Am I able to return to her?
2. What is the meaning of fornication in Matthew chapter 19?
3. My husband refuses to talk to me and I'm lonely. Can you help?
4. I committed adultery and have repented, asking for forgiveness. My wife won't forgive me and we are separated. What should I do?
5. I'm married and a Christian, addicted to pornography and ashamed. Can you help me?
6. My husband said he's bi-sexual, that God made him that way. I'm confused!
7. We were divorced and remarried, then became Christians. Can we serve in the church?
8. We lost our baby. How do we know he is in heaven?
9. My husband is involved with a woman on the Internet and says it's okay.
10. Our daughter's husband who says he is a Christian has been unfaithful and has not provided for her. How can we help her?
11. We don't love each other anymore. Could we have been out of God's will when we married?
12. My husband is abusive and drinks. How do you love someone like this?
13. Matthew chapters 5 and 9 speak about sexual immorality. Is homosexuality included there?
14. We are remarried with 5 children between us and we have nothing but turmoil. Can you help us?
15. My husband says he is a Christian but shows no interest in the Lord and is seeing another woman.
16. Can you explain the Biblical reasons for a divorce?
17. We don't have sex anymore and my husband says it's only to have children. Is he right?
18. When you husband doesn't talk to you, what are you to do?
19. Is it ever right to marry a divorced person?
20. I'm guilty of breaking up my marriage and my husband refuses to reconcile. What are my options?
21. We are both Christians but we have a problem. We argue about everything. Can you help us?
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Image of About Marriage - Volume 2 by About Marriage - Volume 2
About Marriage - Volume 2 (SKU: QA004B)
1. I'm remarried. Am I living in adultery?
2. My husband is an unbeliever and we have no fellowship. Can we get divorced?
3. My husband is not a Christian and unfaithful. When should I divorce him?
4. What is the best way as a married couple to pray together?
5. Could you explain 1 Corinthians 7:39?
6. I know God forgives divorce. We are Christians. Is it okay then to marry someone else?
7. I am separated and dating another woman. Is this wrong?
8. I had an affair and my wife said she forgave me but she always seems to bring it up. Why?
9. Is it ever right to get a divorce?
10. I was divorced and remarried with no Biblical grounds. Are we living in adultery?
11. Our church says people living together that are not married is okay. Isn't that sin?
12. I married a lady who is an unbeliever and opposes everything I want to do as a believer. Any suggestions?
13. My husband is very close to our woman neighbor but says there is nothing wrong with that. Is he right?
14. Should I marry a non-believer?
15. My wife and I argue over having children. What does the Bible say about that?
16. My partner refuses to have sex with me. Can I get a divorce because of that?
17. I've been divorced 2 times and have now met a Christian woman who is getting a divorce. Is it okay to marry her when her divorce becomes final?
18. Are gay marriages okay?
19. I am no longer in love with my spouse. Can I divorce him?
20. Is divorce a sin?
21. How do you know it's God's will for your marriage?
22. Is it okay to marry just for sex?
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Image of About Marriage - Volume 3 by About Marriage - Volume 3
About Marriage - Volume 3 (SKU: QA004C)
1. I caught my husband on the Internet watching porn. I told him I wanted a divorce. He has withdrawn from me. Help!
2. My wife divorced me, then I became a Christian. She is going to remarry. Should I stop it?
3. Doesn't Malachi 2:16 teach that all divorce is final?
4. I divorced my husband after he became a Christian. I am now a Christian 5 years later. I want to reconcile but he is getting ready to get married. Help!
5. My husband is an alcoholic and very abusive - I want out. Will God judge me for wanting to divorce?
6. Is divorce always wrong?
7. My husband had an affair. I've tried to forgive him and I let it go but it is controlling my mind always.
8. I have forgiven my husband for his adulteress affairs. Now he says he doesn't love me anymore.
9. What do you do if the other person does not want to heal or restore the relationship?
10. Is it right to remarry after a divorce?
11. What do you recommend we do when our church doesn't accept divorced people as leaders?
12. What can we do to heal our marriage? There has been a great deal of anger and abuse.
13. My husband has sexy conversations on the net with people he doesn't know. He says it's okay. Can you help?
14. I'm divorced and Christian. When I applied to teach Sunday school class, my church rejected me.
15. My husband drinks a lot and becomes very difficult. I'm worried for the children.
16. My husband leaves home for days and I don't know where he is. Help!
17. I'm ten and unhappy. My dad left. Mom drinks and hits me. Help!
18. Is it true that all divorce is sinful?
19. I was divorced 20 years ago without Biblical grounds. Am I still living in adultery with my new husband?
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Image of About Marriage - Volume 4 by About Marriage - Volume 4
About Marriage - Volume 4 (SKU: QA004D)
1. My wife left me for another man. I was told I can divorce her because Jesus taught that. Is this right?
2. Can a divorced person be a leader in church?
3. We are divorced Christians. My wife wants to remarry. Will she be living in sin?
4. Can a divorced Christian couple who were remarried get married again to each other?
5. I'm involved in pornography. Can you help me?
6. We've been married 37 years and it's down hill. Can you help us?
7. I'm not the leader of my family. What can I do to change?
8. My wife and I struggle about many things. She looks to her dad for leadership. What should I do?
9. I am a father who is off track. How do I get back on track?
10. I'm facing my third divorce and it's my fault. Where do I start to change?
11. I'm 9 and my mom and dad don't live together. When he comes over they fight.
12. We're having problems with sex and it's affecting other things.
13. My wife found out I had an affair and lost all confidence in me. Many other problems have happened since.
14. Can a divorced man be a leader in a church?
15. We are struggling in our marriage. Can you help?
16. I'm Catholic and my husband is Protestant. We argue about many of our beliefs. Help?
17. I have been unfaithful to my partner. Should I tell her?
18. My wife is Catholic and I'm Baptist. She says unless I become a member of the Roman Catholic Church I cannot be saved. Is this true?
19. My husband left me and it seems he will be getting married. Am I free to marry?
20. I had an affair and it's over. Should I tell her?
21. My husband and I are far from fellowship. Can you help us?
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