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Image of About Christmas - Volume 2 by About Christmas - Volume 2
About Christmas - Volume 2 (SKU: QA001B)
1. What is the history of Santa Clause? Is there any spiritual redeeming history?
2. Is the passage in Jeremiah 10 condemning Christmas trees?
3. Jehovah's Witnesses say that Christmas is a pagan festival. Is that true?
4. Do you have any suggestions about how to make our Christmas a meaningful one by putting Jesus first?
5. Which should we practice, Christmas or Hanukkah?
6. Did Jesus have the chromosomes of Mary's egg?
7. Our church had a program this Christmas that emphasized the role of Santa Clause and had secular Christmas songs? What's going on?
8. Silent Night (music)
9. Did the Virgin Birth of Jesus guarantee that he was sinless?
10. How do we know that Mary was in the line of King David?
11. If Jesus did not have a human father, then how do know that he was Jewish?
12. Does the word "Almah" mean "a young girl" or does it mean "a virgin"?
13. O Come All Ye Faithful (music)
14. Please explain the prophecy in Micah about Jesus being born in Bethlehem and that sacrificial lambs were raised there?
15. Should we celebrate Christmas at all and what about Hanukkah?
16. How should we celebrate Christmas?
17. Joy to the World (music)
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Image of About Christmas - Volume 1 by About Christmas - Volume 1
About Christmas - Volume 1 (SKU: QA001A)
1. King of kings and Lord of lords, O Come Let Us Adore Him (music)
2. What should we tell our children about Santa Clause?
3. Is the Christmas tree a pagan symbol?
4. Does the candy cane have some spiritual symbolism?
5. Why do we celebrate the Lord's birthday on December 25th?
6. What evidence is there outside the scriptures on the birth of Christ?
7. How important is the virgin birth to the concept of Christmas and Salvation?
8. Bethlehem Ephratah, the place of Jesus' birth
9. O Little Town of Bethlehem (music)
10. Isn't Christmas a page holiday?
11. Should we celebrate Christmas?
12. Did the early Christians celebrate Christmas?
13. Where is Christ in all of this?
14. What do you do about all of your relatives who come at Christmas and are not believers?
15. Silent Night (music)
16. Could you explain the Hebrew usage of the word "Almah"?
17. What is meant about the remark of the census in Luke chapter 2?
18. Why did the genealogy in Matthew chapter 1 use the number 14?
19. Do you believe that Jesus is genetically connected to Mary and Joseph?
20. Could you explain Hanukkah?
21. How should we celebrate Christmas?
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