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Image of Philemon by Philemon
Philemon (SKU: D-NT-18)
2 DVDs "Paul instructs the Church about the principles governing the relations of Christian brothers. They involve forgiveness and not to be realized by necessity but willingness."
Image of 1 John by 1 John
1 John (SKU: D-NT-23)
16 DVDs "The major theme of First John is fellowship with God. Therefore if walk in fellowship with God, we will walk in light, love, and life."
Image of 2 John by 2 John
2 John (SKU: D-NT-24)
1 DVD "The theme of Second John is steadfastness in the practice and purity of the apostolic doctrine that we have heard from the beginning. Do not be deceived."
Image of 3 John by 3 John
3 John (SKU: D-NT-25)
1 DVD "The theme of Third John, the shortest book in the Bible, is to enjoy and continue to have fellowship with Christian believers."
Image of Revelation by Revelation
Revelation (SKU: D-NT-27)
48 DVDs "The second coming of Christ is revealed in the book of Revelation more graphically than in any other book in the Bible."
Image of Ephesians by Ephesians
Ephesians (SKU: D-NT10)
16 DVDs "This two part study of this book talks of the origin, nature and purpose of the Church, as well as how does the Church live in this world."
Image of 1 Thessalonians by 1 Thessalonians
1 Thessalonians (SKU: D-NT13)
10 DVDs "Christ is seen as the believer's hope of salvation both now and at His coming."
Image of 2 Thessalonians by 2 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians (SKU: D-NT14)
4 DVDs "Paul's encouragement in persecution, explanation of the Day of the Lord, and exhortation to the Church."
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