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Image of Genesis by Genesis
Genesis (SKU: D-OT01)
72 DVDs "No book of the Bible is as critical to our understanding of the world we live in than this book. The origins begin here."
Image of Numbers by Numbers
Numbers (SKU: D-OT04)
22 DVDs "Because of Israel's disobedience they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness before they were allowed to enter into the land."
Image of Deuteronomy by Deuteronomy
Deuteronomy (SKU: D-OT05)
30 DVDs "Most often quoted book by Jesus and Paul. It is the renewal of the Covenant as Israel prepares to enter the Promised Land."
Image of Esther by Esther
Esther (SKU: D-OT17)
8 DVDs "God uses this Hebrew woman and her uncle Mordecai to save His people form complete termination."
Image of Jeremiah by Jeremiah
Jeremiah (SKU: D-OT24)
48 DVDs "No book of the Bible is as critical to our understanding of the World we live in than this book. The origins begin here."
Image of Lamentations by Lamentations
Lamentations (SKU: D-OT25)
8 DVDs "The weeping prophet over the death wail of Jerusalem."
Image of Hosea by Hosea
Hosea (SKU: D-OT28)
12 DVDs "As God’s messenger, Hosea offers the possibility of salvation if only the nation will turn from idolatry."
Image of Joel by Joel
Joel (SKU: D-OT29)
6 DVDs "Joel, God's spokesman, lays out the crucial theme of the coming Day of the Lord."
Image of Amos by Amos
Amos (SKU: D-OT30)
10 DVDs "Amos, farmer turned prophet, lashes out at the sinful nation, like at basket of rotting fruit, to turn before God’s coming judgment."
Image of Obadiah by Obadiah
Obadiah (SKU: D-OT31)
2 DVDs "Obadiah, a contemporary of Jeremiah, writes on "
Image of Jonah by Jonah
Jonah (SKU: D-OT32)
4 DVDs "The story of a disobedient servant who ran from God but could not hide."
Image of Micah by Micah
Micah (SKU: D-OT33)
8 DVDs "The story of a disobedient servant who The prophet’s prediction of judgment, ran from God but could not hide. restoration and his plea for repentance"
Image of Nahum by Nahum
Nahum (SKU: D-OT34)
4 DVDs "NAHUM means 'consoler'. Nineveh repented under Jonah's preaching and God graciously stayed His judgment. However a hundred years later, Nahum proclaims the downfall of this same city."
Image of Habakkuk by Habakkuk
Habakkuk (SKU: D-OT35)
4 DVDs "HABAKKUK ministers during the 'death theories' of the nation of Judah. Although repeatedly called to repentance, the nation stubbornly refuses to change her sinful ways."
Image of Zephaniah by Zephaniah
Zephaniah (SKU: D-OT36)
6 DVDs "ZEPHANIAH's forceful prophecy may be a factor in the reform that occurs during Josiah's reign -- a "revival" that produces outward change, but does not fully remove the inward heart of corruption."
Image of Haggai by Haggai
Haggai (SKU: D-OT37)
4 DVDs "HAGGAI preaches a fiery series of sermons designed to stir up the nation to finish the temple. He calls the builders to renewed courage in the Lord, renewed holiness of life, and renewed faith in God."
Image of Zechariah by Zechariah
Zechariah (SKU: D-OT38)
16 DVDs "Often called the "little Revelation" because its message is so often in the Book of Rev. Its Messianic character and specific descriptions of our prophetic future brings hope to our hearts!"
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